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When mascara isn't quite giving you the lash intensity you dream of, lash extensions or a lash lift/tint can help you achieve your ideal look.


Your first set comes with free lash cleaning kit!

Classic Extensions

One extension is applied to one natural lash. This can result in a natural or dramatic appearance depending on how many natural lashes the client has.  $160

Volume Extensions

Multiple lashes are applied to one single natural eyelash, using very thin lashes.  $225

Lash Fills

Fills need to be every 1-3 weeks. Price depends on style of lashes and service time. $65 - $105

Hybrid Extensions

A mix of Volume and Classic. The effect is a textured look and is a great option if you’re a classic wearer and just want that little bit more from your set.  $200​

Mega Volume Extensions

This allows even more extensions to be applied on the natural lashes to create a fuller look than ever before! $235

Lash Extension Removal

Lash Extension removal is done by applying a remover that is made to weaken the bond of the glue. $30


Lash Lift

Using your own lashes, a perming solution is used against a silicon pad to provide a natural looking "lift". These are perfect for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes! Lasts up to 6 weeks! $70

Lash Lift + Tint

The perfect duo. $85

Lash Tint

A tint gives the lashes an even darker appearance. We do not tint bottom lashes.  $20


Arm and Hand Massage 

This service can't be booked alone; please add onto any of our skin care, brow, lash lift, or teeth whitening services. This relaxing treatment provides you with immediate health benefits, such as improved finger and wrist range of motion, enhanced circulation and reduction of your trigger points in your hand muscles.  $10


This service can't be booked alone. Add an aromatic therapy session at the beginning and at the end of your service. We will custom blend oils to aid in relaxation prior to your appointment and will follow with an awakening blend at the end to help get you through the rest of your day. $10

Hydrating Lip Mask

This service can't be booked alone. Hydrating, collagen-infused masks to help soften and smooth your skin. 

$10 per mask


*must begin, freeze or cancel in person at either location.

Two classic fills / month

$95 / month


Two hybrid fills / month

$125 / month

Two volume fills / month

$135 /  month

Two mega fills / month

$145 / month


*lash services are only available at our Downtown location